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Clay Pots and Pizza

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  • Clay Pots and Pizza

    Is there anyone out there with experience in combining wood fired pizza oven use and ceramic clay firing?
    While visiting Hawaii years ago, my wife and I enjoyed a delightful and unique chicken dinner baked in a ceramic clay envelope. When the container was broken,it revealed a delicious treat.
    The clay encasement used was not the common reusable terracotta cooker.
    Since we have an ample supply of avocato wood and a terracotta clay deposit on our property,it should be fun to see what happens.

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    Sounds interesting. Do you have any photos, or other sites that talk about this type of cooking. I would enjoy hearing more.
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      Cooking en Papillote

      I love it.

      Cooking in paper bags, clay pots with a clay lid, or a clay envelope are all wonderful ways to keep the flavor inside the food.

      Many ways to do this - one of my favorites is salmon, aparagus, rosemary, lemon juice and ginger. In my conventional oven - paper bags moistenend with olive oil works great. In my fire pit, clay flower pots with a potter's clay cover are even better.

      I can't wait to build my oven to see what oppurtunites come up!!!

      Flower pots can cook almost anything - aside from salmon - my favorite is cornish game hen - pack the pot with onion and apples around the hen - I sometimes put a little cinninmon, sage and rosemary inside the bird as well. The clay top seals all the flavor inside.

      The best thing is smelling right after you break the pot or the clay envelope!!!

      This always leaves an impression on guests that happen to come by when we are in a potter mood!!!!
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        There used to be a place in Miami (Casa Rolandi, it may still be there) that cooked a whole fish in a rock salt envelope in it's wood fired oven. I have made this in my regualr ovven many times and it is wonderful. I can't wait to do it in my pizza oven! Basically you make a paste from Rock Salt and egg whites and put a layer down on a cookie sheet then put the fish on top and then another layer, sealing the fish inside. When it bakes it forms a hard shell that keeps the moisture and flavor inside. After you remove it from the oven, you break off the salt layer in big chunks. No salty taste to the fish....very moist and tasty....
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          sounds mouthwatering I cant wait to try this one


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            Coarse salt chicken

            I use to bake the chicken just lay down in a coarse (rock) salt bed in a saucepan. It is possible to add some spices and pepper, if you like it.
            The taste of the chicken is enhanced using only the salt bed.