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Impressions of the forum after 1 week

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  • Impressions of the forum after 1 week

    Forum Folks,

    I have been wanting to build an oven, a WFO, a pizza oven, a bread oven, a roast oven, etc. for about 3 years, ever since I discovered that people were actually building their own ovens

    I discovered Forno Bravo a long time ago too, and noticed that they had a forum, but I was not interested in that I wanted to build an oven from scratch, not install a prefab. So I never looked into the forum (big mistake!).

    A week ago or so, something led me to the Forno Bravo Pompei plans, and I had to join to download them, which I did. And I downloaded them. And they were not the barrel style oven that I was planning from my Alan Scott book. And they made arguments for a dome that were contrary from what I had read about so far. And I wanted, as always, to know everything about a project before I began it, so of course I joined the forum at that point just to see what was there. I mean, if Forno Bravo is putting plans out there, as well as selling prefabs, then maybe there was something in the forum that would be usefull in fullfilling my dream of an outdoor kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven?

    I was not even remotely prepared for what I discovered!

    I am completely blown away by the huge amount of experience in general, experience specifically building and installing ovens, and experience doing just about everything involved in any of these projects. But more than that, the community here, the willingness to help and offer advice, to be friendly and supportive when things go bad, and when things turn out beyond anybodies expectations!

    I am disappointed that I did not discover this resource before now, and after a week of running threads and absorbing all the information (okay, some of the information, but I know where to look now!), along with a handful of posts and private message exchanges, I can honestly say I love this place!

    And, just as a forewarning, I fully intend to take advantage of the help you folks provide, as well as help others in anyway I possibly can.

    Regardless, a big thank you to all of those that make this possible by sharing your knowledge, your humor, and your love of construction and cooking, and to Forno Bravo for making it all possible and for being what I see as an above board caring company in an age of companies that are much less.

    Thanks, and I promise I will quit these I am so amazed posts and start with the sketchup of my planned kitchen and tons of more questions, but honestly, you guys are just fantastic!


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    Re: Impressions of the forum after 1 week

    Told ya you were going to like it here!



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      Re: Impressions of the forum after 1 week

      It's all good eh mate?

      I modified the manufacture of my oven after joining this site and doing a lot of reading. I also received a lot of friendly, helpful advice from many people.

      It's great that people take the time to share their experiences (good and bad).

      I, too hade been planning an oven for years. It was this site that inspired me to go out and actually DO IT.

      Well, my oven is complete, we have cooked great pizza 4 times now. This weekend, we have 20 (plus) friends coming around to sample the taste of our wood fired pizzas. I am looking forward to it. It is a whole new way of entertaining friends, rather than just the plain old Aussie BBQ.

      Summer is here in WA, pizzas taste great.........all is good!!

      Thank you Forno Bravo!


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        Re: Impressions of the forum after 1 week


        Have you posted any photos of your oven here yet? I love to see pictures pictures!

        Travis n'Texas


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          Re: Impressions of the forum after 1 week

          Thanks for your interest Travis.

          I have taken photo's throughout the build, but the whole thing is still not finished yet. Along with the oven, I was also building in the BBQ, and installing an outdoor sink/kitchen area. I still have some plastering and painting to complete yet, so when it is 100%, I will then look into posting some photo's.


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            Re: Impressions of the forum after 1 week

            go on Mickey-t....show us some pics......nothing like a project in progress......mines still a work in progress with over 30 firings

            ....ooppsss sorry if I sound pushy.

            Build #1

            Build #2 (Current)


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              Re: Impressions of the forum after 1 week

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