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Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

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  • Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

    I found an unused Italian pizza oven in a warehouse that appears to be a wood fired pizza oven from Italy. It has the name Laria S.p.A. Klinker on the invoice. It's about the size of a Casa 90. It's made of a refractory concrete material with some aggregate mixed in. It has a pinkish looking paint on the exterior and the interior of the dome (cooking area) is unfinished.

    Question 1: Anyone heard of ovens from the Laria company?

    Question 2: The floor (like the Casa 90) comes in four pieces. Two of these pieces have clean cracks. Can I simply patch with refactory concrete when I'm installing or is this a serious issue?

    Question 3: Instead of four (4) pieces (like the Casa 90) this oven dome comes in two (2) pieces. Any comments on the relative merit of one design approach over the other?

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    Re: Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

    Looks like their bread and buttter is tile for flat tile. Take a look at their PDfs - they have a body of some Italaina vehicle on a production lin on one of them.

    http://www.lariaklinker.com/pdf/laria_istituzionale.pdf overview
    http://www.laria-klinker.net/pdf/pro...ndustriale.pdf industry
    http://www.lariaklinker.com/pdf/prod...ria_arredo.pdf walkways
    http://www.lariaklinker.com/pdf/prod...ia_piscine.pdf pools
    http://www.lariaklinker.com/pdf/prod...ria_civile.pdf civilian use
    http://www.lariaklinker.com/pdf/prod...vestimenti.pdf wall tiles

    google is your friend


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      Re: Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

      Hey fred.collins,

      I don't know anythig about your question just wanted to say it is always good to see a fellow Coloradoan on the site. I live in Lakewood now but lived if Greeley for 17 years. I haven't started my WFO project yet but love the FB Site. Keep us posted on what you discover about your find.



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        Re: Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

        Hi Fred,

        I always used to joke that if you took a drive in Tuscany on a Sunday it was easier to find a wood oven producer than an open supermarket. There are a lot of small companies that make ovens.

        If you can just pick it up locally, I'm sure it will be fine. I installed and used ovens from different producers before we started FB -- and of course I like the Casa! There are differences. Still, if you can get a good price and drive it home that would be good.
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          Re: Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

          So BIFRO, what are you waiting for!


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            Re: Question on Pizza Oven Found in Warehouse

            I moved here in March and had to sign a 1 year lease on the house I am renting so it will be this spring before I can buy a house. I thought about building the oven and floor only and setting it on a portable stand that I could move when I buy a house. I have since read some posts on the site that indcate moving a brick oven is not a good idea. So I will have to wait till I get my own home again.