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No fireclay for dome

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  • No fireclay for dome

    Hi out there - I've been looking at this forum for a few weeks now whilst I've been building my WFO. During this time I was expecting to be able to find some fireclay for when I was ready to build my dome however everyone that I've tried e-mailing/phoning in the UK doesn't have it in stock.

    I've looked at some posts that say that a sand/lime/portland mix is ok for building the dome - has anyone tried this and does it work? I'd hate to build the thing and watch it fall down on my first pizza!!

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    Re: No fireclay for dome

    Hi Chris, and welcome aboard.
    Your mix for your mortar joints would be fine. I used that for my 40" Pompeii but I did also have a 1 part fireclay inclusion in the mix.
    I have several bags here but the freight would kill you.
    Your oven if built properly should be self supporting but the mortar fills in the gaps and helps hold it together. When I put in my final 2 keystone blocks, I immediately removed the sand form and stood on the top. If was going to fail, then best then rather than later.
    I have just built a new steel framed patio and had 2 adults standing on it to stand up the end rather large and heavy steel truss. Again a gross overload but no problems.
    Go for it and get it underway.
    Also you might like to check out my build for a few ideas and tips.


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      Re: No fireclay for dome

      Thanks for this Neill - I've been a bought the lime and am starting to lay my oven floor today. I'll post some photo's when I get chance



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        Re: No fireclay for dome

        Chris, I'm not sure what you are doing to cut bricks, but if you are using a wetsaw, the dust/mud that collects in the water tray is essentially fireclay. I have (as have many others), re-purposed that stuff into the mortar recipe.

        If you are using a dry saw, with all of the dust flying into the air, I think you'll be out of luck.
        Mike - Saginaw, MI

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