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Newbie in SW Washington

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  • Newbie in SW Washington

    Hello to all of you: I have really enjoyed and benefited from reading your posts about building and operating your ovens. I would like to thank Jim and his staff who make this all possible as I never would have started a project like this without this type of support.

    I have actually been working on my oven since August. I have benefitted from a mild fall in the NW and have really enjoyed my time in the backyard working on the oven. I have completed the dome and vent and am now building the chimney (two 8.5" x 8.5" X 12" flue liners stacked on top of each other surrounded by bricks). I am pretty slow, but once the chimney is complete, it will be on to insulating the dome.

    Attached (I hope) is a picture of my progress as of early December 2008. In the near future, I will post additional pictures that detail some of the history of my build. It doesn't always look great but has been loads of fun so far (except for throwing out my back with improper lifting techniques... not so much fun there, but have also learned to lift properly).

    Best Regards, Mike G.

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    Re: Newbie in SW Washington


    Your dome looks great!

    And it appears you have a cover over the work area to keep it dry as you proceed, and that is good.

    Glad to see you are inside today, the weather reports from your side of the mountains are bleak! We have a bit of snow, and pretty cold, but not the ice problems ya'll have on the west side...

    Glad to see you posting to the forum, there is a growing number of WFO users in the Northwest, and it is great to see your project and compare notes.

    Keep the pictures coming!