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    How far away does the oven need to be from my home or any adjacent structures?



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    It looks like no-one has come up with a general answer so here is a stab.

    I took a look at the main page photo gallery and it looks like the closest one is built into the kitchen, sothing to think about when you remodel a kitchen. Another member has commented that they have an oven that was built in their basment next to their firplace as part of the house.

    Properly built the dome structure will not give off much heat nor will a properly built fire give off particulates/embers to light up a wood shake roof. Of course that is because your flue will have a spark arrestor on it (a metal screen at the very top.

    Cruising through the posted photos the closest oven to a home is about 2.5 to 3 feet. You will need to pay attention to how the wind will react with your door, you will want your door on the leeward side. You will also need to pay attention to where your chimney will vent, such as not building your oven under a tree or in my case under the electrical lines that feed my house or within 3 feet of my backyard property line as the utility company has access rights directly at the property line to access the high tension wires.

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      JP's correct. I don't think closeness to the house has as much to do with safety as considerations about trees and wind direction. My oven has a cedar shingle roof and the chimney extends 20 inches above the peak. Your fires won't be putting out any embers, so there's no worry there. I've never had any problems at all, and there are cedar trees all over my property. The oven sits about fifteen feet from the house, but that was done purely for asthetic reasons.

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        Building code says that chimneys have to be 24 inches above any structure within 10 feet.

        Most of us don't build to code, but the official answer is 10 feet away from anything taller than it.
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          Proximity to Building

          Thanks Guys! The oven may not be to code but the space I have will work great.