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$$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

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  • $$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

    Does anyone have a rought estimate of the material cost for a 36" oven. I'm in NY and I'm thinking this is the summer to start my build. My last project was a patio which ended up doubling the budget. So you can just imagine my wife's reaction when I mentioned these plans, I did mentioned that the great folks at FornoBravo.com provided these plans for FREE.

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    Re: $$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

    Build costs vary greatly. We have had members build ovens for as little as a couple hundred dollars - dilligent shopping, using recycled (free) materials. One early member actually built his entire oven for zero $$$ (excluding the pennies he had saved to use as the finish on his igloo-YES, pennies as in Abe Lincoln one cent coins); he actually bartered other items and services for all of his materials.

    If you're paying full retail for all new materials and proper refractory components expect to have at least $1000 in a basic 36" build. Remember, finish materials and whether you opt for a stucco igloo or an enclosed oven will greatly determine how much you spend.



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      Re: $$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

      I'm planning on going with just the stucco igloo. I guess I should start shopping around , as I thought this was doable for under $600.


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        Re: $$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

        I have the same question here in the Northeast.
        Can anyone just break down rough cost just for the pompeii dome and insulating material?

        Fire Bricks
        ceramic blanket
        underlayment insulation
        dome insulation
        flue (terra cotta vs steel)

        The base and enclosure I can figure separately since it will depend more on the style.

        Also, I assume I need a good wetsaw and blade. What should this run?


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          Re: $$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

          Originally posted by robertsang View Post
          Does anyone have a rought estimate of the material cost for a 36" oven.
          Hey Robert,

          Read through this link for more details....




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            Re: $$ Cost for 36" in USD (NY)?

            This is very helpful Jed. Thanks for the 411. I hope to be a producer of information and not just a consumer soon.
            Thanks again.