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Barbecue/Pizza Oven in Kitchen

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  • Barbecue/Pizza Oven in Kitchen

    I once was in a home that had a large fireplace. The fireplace was not quite walk-in but very large. To one side of the fireplace was a medium size barbecue grill/oven with its own firebox.

    I am looking at a doing a kitchen renovation. Long story short, I would like to have something like the barbecue grill/oven in my kitchen. I don't want the walk-in fireplace. Ideally, it would have a pizza oven too. Does Forno Bravo have a product like this? I live in the Philly area. Is this something I can get past the township building code?

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    Re: Barbecue/Pizza Oven in Kitchen

    We have a Forno Bravo Casa 110 installed in our kitchen. We're in a rural area and didn't have to pass inspection, but the architect assured me that everything was done according to code and we would have passed if the same installation was done in town. The oven is very well insulated and very safe if properly installed. You may be able to install an oven like that where you live. It has been well worth it and I would highly recommend it.

    You can see our oven in use here:

    An Amateur Baker In Sidney: pizza

    If you look at the kitchen photo in the right-hand column you can see the oven on the far wall, just to the left of center.


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      Re: Barbecue/Pizza Oven in Kitchen

      Yes, absolutely, you can build an oven into your kitchen. I think in the photo section you will find many examples. A brick oven with a tuscan grill in it will be better than any barbeque, because it will cook the top and the bottom of the steak at once.

      The Philadelphia building code may present problems. The code is straightforward, as a brick oven follows the same rules as a masonry fireplace, but it's the interpretation that could cause problems. The general rule, as tschaefges points out, is that the bigger the city, the bigger the problem. This is a case where the UL approved commercial oven might save money because you wouldn't need to submit engineering drawings for a home built unit. In any event, why not just go to City Hall, and talk to someone at L&I and see what they say. I mean, after all, south philly must be full of brick ovens, it's not like they've never seen one.
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        Re: Barbecue/Pizza Oven in Kitchen

        One note on Dmuns' posting. You don't have to buy a "commercial" oven, if that means an oven designed for commercial use, such as a restaurant or pizzeria. Forno Bravo's residential Casa and Premio modular ovens are UL Listed as both Wood Stoves (UL737) and Pizza Ovens (UL2162).

        If you are going to be getting a building permit for your installation, that might be a good option to consider.
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          Re: Barbecue/Pizza Oven in Kitchen

          Thanks for all of the very helpful replies. This is exactly what I needed to know.