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  • Newbie Stupid Question

    I'm new and in the very early planning stages. One question I have is "How is there enough light to see inside the oven when you're baking bread"?
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    Re: Newbie Stupid Question

    It's easy, you build lights into your arch entry outside your oven and aimed into it.
    Do a search, "oven illumination" see what comes up, there are numerous ideas put foreward which are very effective. If you seaerch for oven lights, you will get a lot of unwanted posts, but try it!

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      Re: Newbie Stupid Question

      Or you can do without oven lights and just have some sort of exterior lighting. If you're baking in daylight its not a problem anyway, the light coming in through the doorway is ample to check on bread.
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        Re: Newbie Stupid Question

        i havent had a problem yet, i have a motion sensor spotlight nearby, I also bought at harbor freight a "head Light" runs on 2 AA batteries and sraps on your head, i pop riveted mine to a hat brim.. its fairly bright, but really wasnt necessary as i thought as the additional outside lighting was more than enough



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          Re: Newbie Stupid Question

          I use a head lamp or a flashlight as I always seem to be baking bread until well after dark and I don't have any good outdoor lighting setup (yet).

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            Re: Newbie Stupid Question

            Flashlight for breads, flames and coals for pizza! Although I am jealous of those folks who added interior lighting.
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              Re: Newbie Stupid Question

              My husband bought me a hat with two leds in the brim. Looks dumb, but it works great. I don't have to move it out of the way and it always lights up what I'm looking at!



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                Re: Newbie Stupid Question

                "Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

                ...quipped by Warren Buffett after I installed 15 watt bulbs in their hallway to test out some new fixtures.
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                  Re: Newbie Stupid Question

                  I've been wondering about the lights installed in the archway. I'm assuming people are running electrical service to their ovens, which would mean they need an inspection, right? I would think a hiking headlamp would be ample enough, as some others have suggested.