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Is my door too small?

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  • Is my door too small?

    hello everybody,

    last week i have finished my dome.

    Before i start with the chimney, i want to know if my door-size is o.k. ?!

    Oven inside = 108 cm (43,2")
    Dome altitude = 54 cm ( 21,6")
    Door amplitude: = 41cm (16,4")
    Door altitude: As you can see, the door is formed like an arch. Left side and right side = 31cm (12,4")
    The highest point of the door in the middle = 34 cm (13,6")

    Should i try to make a fire, before building the chimney, to see if it works right ?

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    Re: Is my door too small?

    I love the door! I looks like it will last a life time of pizza cooking and bread baking. From what I have read on this site the optimum vent height is 62% - 64% of your oven internal height. It does not look like you are too far outside that so I think you will be OK. Having said that, there are a lot more experienced builders out there than me and they will give you the right advise. Good luck and keep the pics coming.


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      Re: Is my door too small?

      i think my heigth is o.k., but i am not sure if the width of 16,4" for a 43,2" oven is enough ?!


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        Re: Is my door too small?

        Try setting up a stack of bricks where the chimney arch will be, and reaching the edges of your oven floor through the door. If you can get to the corners of the oven with a brush/peel/piece of firewood, you're probably fine. If not, well, I'm not too sure what your options are at that point, short of pulling the door out. It's a beautiful door, though, and if you can manage to reach your entire floor it should work fine.

        My oven build is finally complete!


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          Re: Is my door too small?

          My fear/doubt is not to reach the edges of your oven floor.
          I think, when the Door amplitude is not large enough, that the fire in the oven does not get enough air to burn!


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            Re: Is my door too small?

            I think your door is fine. In my experience, my door opening is two bricks high, when placed on their ends, one on top of the other. This gives about 12 inches in height at the edge of the arch. You can find some pics of my door opening in the completed ovens section.



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              Re: Is my door too small?

              In order to guard against confusion, my doubt is the entrance width, which is given from the door !
              James has written in this threat that the entrance width for an 42" oven has to be 19" wide !

              My opening is only 16,4" wide ?!

              James threat: