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Cleaning Primavera Oven

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  • Cleaning Primavera Oven

    Ok so my first pizza in the Primaver oven was a disaster and got stuck on my peel and kinda turned over in the oven. Needless to say there is tomato sauce near the entrance of the oven and the brush is not getting it off.

    Any recommendations or do/don't for cleaning this tomato sauce from the base of the oven?


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    Re: Cleaning Primavera Oven

    thats what i call seasoning the bricks... Just try scrubbing with a damp cloth when the oven is cool... whatever is left will burn off usually the next time you fire up..

    and believe me your not the first to do it...



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      Re: Cleaning Primavera Oven


      Another tool you can use is to pull the fire over the area that needs cleaning...

      Once you have a fire that has burned for awhile, and you have a good collection of hot coals, just pull a pile of coals over the area that needs cleaning and let the coals burn for awhile. This should burn the offending mess off of the hearth.

      You can use this technique to add a bit of heat to the middle of the hearth during a long cooking event, or use this to clean the hearth in between pizza's at a party.



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        Re: Cleaning Primavera Oven

        Definitely don't scrape or even scrub too hard. As previously mentioned, your next fire will take care of the problem. You might not even need to move the coals over the area depending on where the mess is.

        As I love to tell guest at our oven: These ovens have been "self-cleaning" hundreds of years before GE or Maytag thought up the idea.
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