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Through-the-wall design ?

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  • Through-the-wall design ?

    Hello everyone, new here and totally stoked (sorry) to build a WFO.
    Due to wanting to use it year-round, I am trying to come up with a through-the-wall design (I may be over-hyphenating). I imagine this would raise new insulation issues, how would it affect rough-sawn pine siding ?
    Should I strip the siding and replace w/ Hardie panel or the like ?
    Should I remove the existing 2x6 studs a replace w/ steel studs ?
    Should I replace the existing blown-in cellulose insulation w/vermic. or fiberglass ?
    I am only just beginning to work out the logistics of this project, still getting the eye-roll from the wife
    I am a carpenter, with some masonry exp.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks in advance Jason

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    Re: Through-the-wall design ?

    Anybody, ... Bueller?


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      Re: Through-the-wall design ?

      First and foremost in my opinion, any oven that is built into your home (or any other structure for that matter), will need a precise set of plans, permits, and most importantly - meet national firecode standards. This is entirely different from what those of us have built in our backyards. A good place to start would be your local building dept. to find out just how detailed they want your plans and such, then brush up on national fire code (your local fire chief or fire marshal could be quite helpful).

      hopefully dmun (one of this forum's most knowledgeable) will jump in. He actually built an indoor fireplace/outdoor WFO with a chimney over 2 stories high......he will certainly have the most answers.


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        Re: Through-the-wall design ?

        Based on how much we use our oven I can see where it could be nice to have indoor access. Here in North Carolina - not so much to use the oven outdoors all year round. But when I lived in Michigan - I can see where the indoor oven would have major benefits.

        An indoor oven will need to be engineered similarly to a fireplace and local codes (or more safety) ahered to. Sounds like fun. Take pics for us!

        My oven progress -