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Very new but very eager!

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  • Very new but very eager!

    So I'm brand new to this whole idea of building a pizza oven. I've never done any real construction, but I pick things up very quickly. I have no concerns what so ever that I CAN'T do this.

    My only concern is the cost. I've put together a materials list spreadsheet with the quantities and approximate costs that I could gather online. So far the cost is pretty staggering, much more then I am willing to spend. For a 36 inch oven, I'm coming out to about $1,800.00 after tax. Most of the prices I've found are from Home Depot and Lowes' websites. Others are just through google's shopping site. I know that once I start calling around to local places and really looking for the least expensive prices, the costs are going to come down substantially.

    My question though is, how much cash should I expect to dump in to this oven? I was really hoping to keep it under $1,000. I live in the Dallas, TX area. Additionally, what kind of "off the beaten path" places should I look for some of the more expensive items?

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    Re: Very new but very eager!

    My 40 inch cost about $700 (Can) for materials.

    Which of the items on your estimate are the "big ticket" items ?


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      Re: Very new but very eager!

      I think it's possible. The expensive parts are premixed refractory mortar, ceramic fiber insulating materials, and the decorative touches you add for the enclosure/roof. If you mix your own refractory mortar using "recipe" in the plans, as well as vermiculite/concrete for the insulation, you should be OK. You'll have to look around for firebrick, which is expensive in some areas. Used ones have been put to good use for some builders. Just don't skimp on the insulation.
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        Re: Very new but very eager!

        Be sure to check out Dave W's oven thread. He built his oven on a shoestring budget.
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