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    hi all i have been reading and reading and reading about building a brick oven building got a good idea about most of the aspects of building just a few little things i need to know and am away so if anyone out there can help that would be fantastic as this as kind of taking over my life so now all i do when i should be working is thinking about oven building when most people looking a porn i am looking at vermiculite !lol
    i have built my base done the first layer of concrete also found a great place to get materiels in uk if anyone having trouble i found that a lot of places wanted a lot of money for postage but found one company that if you spend over 50 squid postage free check them out

    so my questions are

    1 should i use fire clay mortar on the outer skin of my oven or just just normal mix ?

    2 i have a old piece of marble can i use it at the front of my oven going in to oven a bit not sure if it ok to use on outside as i read about marble being pours ?

    3 i have a load of old clay bricks was thinking of using them for the dome and hearth maybe covering the hearth course with fire bricks not sure bout this one as fire bricks not cheap and as i wont be firing my oven everyday would be great if i could use the old bricks but also looking for old wigan bricks i had a blow touch on one of them strog as hell and heavy ??

    4 what gap should i use between dome and outer skin of bricks what is the smallest i could get away with as my oven not very big and is it right to fill the cavity with dry vermiculite?

    5 i have been using stainless steel flat bar for lintels will this be ok to use when building the flue as not sure of how it will react to heat ?

    6 last one for now is lol when building hearth should i build the dome on top of the fire bricks or put them in after i have built dome so the dome would be sitting on the clay bricks with the inside covered in fire bricks or will the fire bricks expand and push out my dome ?

    anyway thanx for reading any help would be fab will put some pics up of my oven base and my dodgy brick laying lol