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Horticulture perlite

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  • Horticulture perlite

    I need some help regarding my oven insulation?

    I would like to know whether horticulture perlite is good for the insulation of the dome? I found bags of perlite at a horticulture store. Is this the right material?

    Shall I put it loose on the dome or mixed with portland cement?

    I appreciate if somebody can give me some advice.

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    Re: Horticulture perlite

    That's the right stuff. Whether you put it in loose or apply it with portland depends on your enclosure. If you are framing a house, pour it in loose. There's no reason to add all of the extra moisture. If you are making an igloo, if it's loose it will just blow away.

    Have you downloaded the ebook? That answers a lot of questions.


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      Re: Horticulture perlite

      If you have a choice, be sure to get the coarser grade! Sometimes the fine grade is really small and dusty.

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        Re: Horticulture perlite

        Yeah, I bought some perlite that looked remarkably similar to laundry detergent. Then I learned better and quickly returned it!!!

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          Re: Horticulture perlite

          I am going to put it in an enclosure so it can stay loose. However the perlite I could find is a bit small (the size of rice) and it has that fine dust. Would it do the job as well if I use this material?