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Bench next to Oven??

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  • Bench next to Oven??

    I am getting "closer" to building my oven, I am wondering when I build the base should I make it larger as to include a side bench top area for cooking prep etc. Has anyone done this or thought it would be a handy addition?

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    Re: Bench next to Oven??

    I didn't, but wish I did. Spend time looking at builds on this forum. There are plenty of people that did just this. Some build elaborate, entire outdoor kitchens. The bench space seems to make sense.
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      Re: Bench next to Oven??

      I didn't and didn't want to. Way too hot here during the summer to leave any food products outside for more than a few minutes. Then there are the bugs - big ones, little ones, crawly bugs, flying bugs - a 24/7/365 problem. I do all prep in the air conditioned comfort of my kitchen, about 40 ft away.
      I do however have a cantilever ledge around my oven, giving me an oven height place to sit things going into or coming out of my oven, as well as tools, and my oven doors.

      So yes, some type of bench, ledge, or table is very helpful. I would design it based on the intended use.



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        Re: Bench next to Oven??

        Rob/Jenny - I didn't build a prep area but I do have adequate counter space to set things on going into and out of the oven. Give yourself some room to work.

        RT - I've been to Florida a few times for a vendor audit (golf outing ). I noticed that just about everyone has some sort of netting around their back area. I never experience a bug problem but this was always February to April. I made an earlier post about moving to Florida but I don't do well with bugs, so scratch that - I'll stay in the desert.

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          Re: Bench next to Oven??

          I look at the pics of the build and it seems many people dont have a bench area. I can understand your bug problem RT, fortunately I dont have that here in NZ, a cantilever ledge also makes good sense.


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            Re: Bench next to Oven??

            Les, vendor audit????? NICE, VERY NICE, I will be sure to use that one.
            The official term is "screen enclosure". Everyone simply calls them a cage, unlike animals at the zoo that are caged for our protection, in this case the people are caged for their own protection. My problem is my oven is outside of the cage, where I am fair game. I work around the mosquitos (no evening cooking in the summer). It is the damned small black flies during the day that for some reason swarm around the oven whenever I am smoking with oak or hickory...which is all the time. Don't understand it, I though bugs hated smoke.

            rob jenny, if you have the space by all means build what you think you will need. I think if you search a little harder you will find quite a few ovens with attached counter space, especially corner installations. Those folks usually have several feet of counter space coming off each side. Really a nice look, makes it look more like a kitchen install. Personally, I just didn't have the extra space where I wanted the oven, add the above reasons, and a wife who was very unsure of the project in the beginning.....and I ended up with the ledge.



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              Re: Bench next to Oven??

              If you can, you should consider a stone work area for stretching and dressing pizzas, and a small sink for handwashing: Your hands get grubby with fire tending and dough stretching, and it's a nuisance to run back and forth into the house. I don't have either, and miss them.

              These don't have to be major constructions: Used kitchen supply places are full of excellent stainless work tables that are available for pennies on the dollar.
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                Re: Bench next to Oven??


                I'm planning on counters. I only have to worry about bugs during lovebug season (usually spring but some over-achievers have a fall fling as well). Well mown lawns plus extreme water vigilance (standing water is evil) cut out most of the mosquito issues here (and I'm drooling over an automated system for the rest). I may use temporary netting on occasion but I haven't seen a need thus far.

                Of course, Alabama has some swamps where Florida is a swamp so it's easier here.

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