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Pizza Dreams video

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  • Pizza Dreams video

    Here is a link to a sample video from my new iPad app, Pizza Dreams. All the brick oven scenes were shot in my Pompeii oven, built with Forno Bravo plans. Enjoy!

    My Webpage

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    Re: Pizza Dreams video

    Doesn't seem to work on a PC...
    / Rossco


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      Re: Pizza Dreams video

      Oops! Sorry about that. I had a PC that I could test it on, but my daughter needed it so I gave it to her. I'll go back in and try to post the video in a format that will work.

      Again, my apologies!



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        Re: Pizza Dreams video

        Here is the YouTube link:

        PizzaDreamsLiberateAA - YouTube


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          Totally Remarkable But Unexplained Event:

          Totally Remarkable But Unexplained Event:

          Pizza Dreams Is World Famous!

          A few weeks ago, Rita Christopher, from the local Valley Courier, interviewed me for a story about Pizza Dreams.

          Rita wrote the article and it was slated for publication August 9. However... The Valley Courier is owned by the New London Day. The Day apparently has access to Valley Courier stories. The Day ran the story on July 31--and so did dozens, maybe hundreds, of newspapers and websites around the world!

          What happened?

          The Associated Press wire service picked up the story and made it available.

          So people in San Francisco... Boston...Fort Wayne...Providence... Pakistan... India... Great Britain... Canada saw the headline "Chester Man Develops Pizza-Making App For iPad."

          The dateline given for the article was Chester, Conn., so Chester is famous now, too!

          Below is a list of the news outlets that featured the story in their print and/or web outlets. I stopped writing them down after 40 or so.... (They're NOT links. If you want to see for yourself the scope of the story's worldwide pickup, google "pizza-making app for iPad" with quotes, or click on this link ("pizza-making app for ipad" - Google Search ) and you'll see.

          In the meantime, here's a link to the article in The Day: The Day - The Pie?s Not in the Sky | News from southeastern Connecticut .

          And here's a link to the article in the San Francisco Chronicle: Chester man develops pizza-making app for iPad - SFGate .

          San Francisco Chronicle
          Boston Globe
          San Antonio Express
          RoadRunner.com (UK) (Time Warner)
          Fort Wayne News-Sentinel
          Hartford Courant
          Worcester Telegram and Gazette
          Contra Costa Times
          The Providence Journal
          Bing News
          Boston City and Press
          The Hour (Norwalk, CT)
          Apple News
          MacSurfers Headline News
          iPad Update
          Cool Apps for iPad
          Times of India
          WTNH (New Haven, CT)
          The Republic (Columbus, Indiana)
          Dunya News (Pakistan)
          iPad News
          The Day (New London, CT)
          itinsightme.com (Middle East)
          Ask News
          Tablet Computer News
          Apple News Gator
          News Plus Apps
          Best Apps for iPad
          Newsr.in (India)
          iPhone Watchdog
          iPad Accessories Review
          The News Machine
          Online iPad News
          iPad Library Store


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            Re: Pizza Dreams video

            Pizza Dreams is also on Facebook: Pizza Dreams | Facebook


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