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russell jeavons on abc1

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  • russell jeavons on abc1

    Hi all aussies russell jeavons was on abc1 tv on the cook and the chef
    wednesday night it is repeated on saturday morning at 11.30 am according to abc web site.
    Cheers Peter

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    Re: russell jeavons on abc1

    go visit his restaurant down at Willunga in the southern vales wine growing district of Adelaide, do one of his many courses and meet not only him, but also his son who works there as well.
    A real experience.
    I can thoroughly recommend the meal and the experience.

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      Re: russell jeavons on abc1

      What's that about? I missed it - but perhaps it's on iABC (canned for internet consumption)...

      Is that the program with the twerpy little guy who's in constant raptures about his concoctions? And the superbly silly old biddy? Backslapping each other in tandem? - and then they invite you to waste money on calling up their recipes on a mobile or something...

      Sorry, I'm more of a Jean Hatfield fan... (can't admit my predilection for a certain Nigella :-)

      Ciao a tutti,

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        Re: russell jeavons on abc1

        hi matet he clip can be down loaded from here Clip downloads for The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia Ė Series 5 Episode 1 - australian screen the only good bit is the closing in a oven looks great not like mine bits and pieces i suppose the next one will be better.