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  • Thoughts?

    My landscaper will shortly be breaking ground on our project. Does anyone have any improvements or changes to the design that they recommend?

    My biggest questions are:
    1. How much space should I have between the half-moon and pizza oven? I was thinking about 5' since a 52" peel seems about standard (maybe I am wrong about this, am I?) (I am planning on an FGM950 if this factors in to the distance recommended)

    2. How much space between the counter prep island and the cooking island? I was thinking only like 2' since I actually do not want people trafficking through but everyone else says 3' is standard.

    -WFO newbie ready to get fired up!

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    Re: Thoughts?

    What size oven is your plan? A 46" space will only allow a small oven, probably less than 30" of cooking surface. I cant tell where you are referring to the space between cooking area and prep, but don't go 2', you will be crowded. Keep at least 34" and remember that you will have overhang on your counters to factor in. Good plan, but make sure you have room for the oven that you want before proceeding.

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      Re: Thoughts?

      I am going with the FGM950, it is 37.5" cooking surface. The 46" is erroneous...


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        Re: Thoughts?

        I would suggest you include a sink in your design. Also 5 feet may be a little tight btw the oven and half-moon counter, I would flip over your counter to be concave toward the oven. You will get more seating on the outside and more convenient working space on the inside. Mine is configured that way.
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