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"The New Outdoor Kitchen"

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  • "The New Outdoor Kitchen"

    Do any of you have this book? Its fairly new - Feb '07. I think its very good.

    I have probably looked thru and/or purchased at least 8 books about Outdoor Kitchens and they all had their own qualities but I think this book is excellent.

    Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because this book has The one I want! Turns out it's the author's personal outdoor kitchen and its the very last kitchen featured in the book. When I came to it I just stared in disbelief... this is it.. this is what Ive been looking for all this time!

    If any of you have this book, turn to pages 212-220 and you will see exactly what I intend to build. Well, minus the soapstone counter tops. I don't think that they will fit in my budget. But it would be nice.

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