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'The Rookery' kitchen-in-the-woods (UK)

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  • 'The Rookery' kitchen-in-the-woods (UK)

    My family and I are lucky enough to live in a fairly rural location in Lancashire England. We have a very large garden, around 3 acres (but very small house) and about half an acre of woods at the bottom of the garden.

    Having been a long time lover of pizza, always making everything from scratch, I have wanted a wood fired oven for many years. A few years ago I came across a photo of an outdoor kitchen incorporating a beautiful WFO and had the idea of building similar right in the middle of our woods!

    (I can't seem to get the photos to appear large enough so I'll continue my story when I've worked out how to make them viewable!)

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    Hi There,

    Welcome to the forum. I believe that you used the Upload Attachments icon at the top right of the reply window. When doing that, you will see a very small thumbnail of the pic that you have selected. To the right of it you will see 5 selections (Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large, Fullsize, and Remove). Try the Large selection. That is the way you will need to do if you are going to edit the original post. You may also want to remove the tiny thumbnails in the op while you are doing that.

    For an original post you may want to try the Share Photos (camera) icon (top left of the reply window). It works the "bestest" for me

    Hope this helps
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      Can you tell where exactly you live in Lancashire? I am thinking of moving there