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Kitchen Design Test Post

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  • Kitchen Design Test Post

    I have been playing with google Sketchup again, and I am going to try and post the results. My first time posting a photo, so please bear with any mistakes I swear I could build many things in less time that it takes to get used to sketch up!

    Here is what I am thinking about for my outdoor kitchen and pizza oven at the moment. All comments or question are of course welcome.


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    Re: Kitchen Design Test Post

    That looks really nice, I like corner installations and the hexagonal oven is cool!

    One word of advice: You will need to keep the area in front of the oven free to work in.

    If you did it exactly like on the picture, you'd be continually knocking people off their bar stools with the pizza peel... it might be more polite to feed them beer until they fall of by themselves.
    "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)



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      Re: Kitchen Design Test Post

      Originally posted by Frances View Post

      ... it might be more polite to feed them beer until they fall of by themselves.
      That looks very cool! And very familiar - quite similar to mine.

      But I must agree with Frances (AKA Miss Manners). I think keeping the area clear in front of the oven is a must!



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        Re: Kitchen Design Test Post

        Love your design Travis... I also would agree with Frances. I just had a visual of you swinging your peel around and your guests disappearing off their stools !!!
        Thanx for the giggle Frances :-)
        Cheers Lee


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          Re: Kitchen Design Test Post

          Thanks all. I drew in the bar/prep area at the last minute. It's a little deceptive in the 3D, but that potentially crowded corner in front of the oven is something I am looking at. I measured the plan view distance from the front of the oven to the closest edge of the island thing and it ove 5.5'.

          I am worried about the isles between the side counters/cabinets and the ends of the island. I want those at least wide enough that two people can pass each other without being too close of friends

          I saved a JPEG of the plan view, before I turned it into a 3D, to provide a little different perspective.

          Thanks all for the comments!


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            Re: Kitchen Design Test Post

            Thank you for sharing i really get what i was looking for.hopping some more updates from your side.
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