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Another Gas Grill question

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  • Another Gas Grill question

    Hey folks,
    As part of my outdoor kitchen, which will revolve around the WFO, I plan to build-in a gas grill. My current grill, a real cheap one, there is a stainless guard above the burner to keep grease from dripping directly on the burner. The grease dripping on this guard usually vaporizes or flames up. The flames also lick over the sides of the guard and this flame directly contacts the meat cooking on the grill. Personally, I prefer this method of cooking, true flame broiling. My problem is that all of the new fangled fancy grills have redisigned the guards to completely restrict any flames from reaching the item being cooked. They rely only on radiant heat from the guard, which is heated by the flame from the burner. This dramatically increases the cooking time and the flame broiled taste is missing.
    Is anyone familliar with a grill that still uses flame to directly cook????????


    George Stein

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    Re: Another Gas Grill question

    HI George,
    The burning fat is always a problem with grilles and what we call barbeques over here.
    You always seem to get uncontrollable fire when using an 'open grille' and that is why I prefer the flat steel plate.
    It cooks just as well but without the familiar darkened streaks or grille lines.
    Why not try to remove the guard in question or replace it with a smaller one which will not deter the flame from the burner reaching your meat cut.
    It is like most things, they are designed to reduce foreseen problems, but then we re-modify them to suit our needs.
    Don't cut up the original guard (as you may wish to put it back sometime), but make up a new one to meet your needs. Play with different designs to manipulate the flame as required.


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      Re: Another Gas Grill question

      Hey Neill,
      I guess trimming down the drip guard is a possibility. All I really want is just enough guard to cover the burner so drippings don't gunk up the burner. My current cheap grill ( barbeque) has an inverted "V" guard which completely covers the burner, but allows flames to lick over the sides. It seems like every new grill I look at has a different scheme to make things work their way. I guess I wil have to pick one with the best features and fit, and make adjustments as I go along. That may be a fun project in itself.

      P.S. It is still incredible to me to be getting answers and suggestions from someone on the other side of the world ! ! ! ! ! Ahhhhh, The wonders of the internet.



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        Re: Another Gas Grill question

        I thought I posted a few nights ago on this topic. Check out BBQguys.com

        They have a bunch of vids on top quality grills. Great for info, even if it is not what you're looking for. I suggest you review the TEC, and Fire Magic grills to start with. Hope that helps a bit.
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          Re: Another Gas Grill question

          Hey "G".
          I have been to their site....Very dangerous place...I missed the videos...Will have to go back and look again.