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Insulated weber charcoal grill

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  • Insulated weber charcoal grill

    Why couldn't you use the same insulating blanketsthat we buy for the wood fired pizza ovens, and mold them around the classic weber charcoal grill, somehow building a small chimney maybe. Wouldn't that give you some kind of cooking advantage for direct or even indirect cooking?

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    Re: Insulated weber charcoal grill

    You find a basic design trial here


    and in there another link to modified webers.

    I thought about using insulation, but the basic problem is mass. Insultation would speed up the initial heating but I do no think it would help much with cooking. A brick oven is a huge amount of mass compared a weber. The experience of the weber modders etal is that you need a contant source of heat. There is just not enough mass to sustain the heat transfer at pizza temperatures. If you read the thread on heat management for the ovens you will find that that they have to move the fire from side to side to keep enough heat for pizza cooking. With a small mass set up ( ie WEBER), you just have to keep adding heat.

    I have not yet used any of the insulating blankets. We have them at the plant where I work. The type we use have a cover on them so that you will not come into contact with the insulator ( Kaowool). I suppose you could wrap one around your set up but it would seem to be like teaching the pig to dance.
    It wastes your time, annoys the pig and in the end, it is still ugly.

    For the cost and effort, I would rather spend money on building a real pizza oven.

    Just my 0.04 ( inflation adjusted)

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