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Where to measure temp?

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  • Where to measure temp?

    Hello all,

    I am now on the 3rd of my curing fires... it is actually burning as I write. I am wondering where to measure the temperature. I have a laser thermometer and when I aim it at the dome top it is reading about 400deg but when I take the reading off the sides of the dome, closer to the bottom I get about 170deg. Obviously, the heat will be much higher at the dome top, but I am concerned that if the sides don't get up to temp they will not cure properly and then when the fires get to the 700+ deg range then I will have problems.

    Maybe I am just being paranoid.



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    Re: Where to measure temp?

    You are OK. Carry on.

    Generally when oven temperature is quoted, it is for the floor temperature at the center.


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      Re: Where to measure temp?

      There is a good chance that some moisture in the dome is keeping the sides of your oven a bit cooler....That is why the slow curing is recommended.
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        Re: Where to measure temp?

        There's a strong possibility that after the 7 curing fires your dome will still not be fully cured. You will find that the oven performs better after each successive burn for a while after the curing fires.

        ... and sorry, but you are being a little paranoid. Measure the temp at the top each time, and you'll have a steady benchmark to go from. And don't get too bent if you hit 425* instead of 400*, or only 290* instead of 300*.. overall you want to take it slow... that's the main jist.
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          Re: Where to measure temp?

          ... and sorry, but you are being a little paranoid.
          I know... but I put all this work into it and just don't want to screw anything up. I did my 400deg fires today and so far no major cracks. Keep your fingers crossed for my next few.


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            Re: Where to measure temp?

            Just keep the slow fires going and the moisture will eventually leave the oven. Oh and to tell the temp inside...I normally use the 'how quick the hairs on my arms burn' method If they evaporate...its pizza hot!!!! LOL