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How much wood can a woodpecker take?

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  • How much wood can a woodpecker take?

    I'm in Perth, Australia, in the last stages of curing. I've followed the "sticky" advice on curing, but should note that the dome had been finished for quite some time and has never been wet by rain directly. So I think, despite some normal humidity, the whole thing is relatively dry to begin with.

    I've insulated with two layers of 25mm blanket, and only managed an inch of vermicrete over that. See pics. So far, the outside of the vermicrete is cool to touch - the temp gun registers no more than about 30C on the outside. My intention was to invest in the blanket for max performance, and do less vermicrete.

    First question: If it's cool on the outside with that insulation, do I need to add any more vermicrete before eventually rendering the outside with waterproof stucco?

    Next question related to how much wood it takes to get a 42" Pompeii to 370C (about 700F). I'm using dry seasoned Jarrah, our local hardwood (hard as a cat's head, actually). It lights easily and burns efficiently - perhaps too much so. Seems it's taking quite a bit already to get to 300C so far. Or does a cured oven heat more quickly? I wondered if there was any significant heat loss into the slab, but it's all sitting on 50mm CS board and I have a heat break to the front arch which is working very, very well. If I seal off the oven after a fire, it's still hot as Hades next morning. The temps under the slab in the wood storage area is about 50C, so there's some heat escaping through the bottom, but I would expect that to be normal?

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    Re: How much wood can a woodpecker take?

    You could go some more insulation but it sounds pretty good so far.
    You can't get any better than jarra as a burning wood .... But I noticed te wood you were burning is a little larger than I would use. And the fire did no cover enough of the oven . Wood size no thicker than you wrist and I recon the harder the wood the thinner it should be. I spread the fire right over the oven floor surface and keep the flame up adding more as I go rather than waiting for it to die down before topping it up. As much wood just short of having flames licking out the entrance. About 1 1/2 to pizza temp 2 hours to get a good store of heat in the bricks for next day.
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      Re: How much wood can a woodpecker take?

      Originally posted by jab49 View Post
      Seems it's taking quite a bit already to get to 300C so far. Or does a cured oven heat more quickly?

      Sounds like its not cured properly yet if it takes ages to get to 300c.
      You will know when its cured properly....
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