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Curing questions.

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  • Curing questions.

    Just received a Primavera 60 that goes on a stand. Regarding curing, I have read different tips. The manual says to cure over 5 days, starting at 300 degrees on the first day and then increasing 50 degrees each day until finishing on the 5th day at 500 degrees. It also says to keep the fire burning all day and in to the night.

    Am I looking for floor temperatures to reach what they recommend or roof temperatures?

    Also, I have read that some of you simply brought the temperature up to the desired temp and then let the fire burn out.....then repeat over several days.

    I can see one small crack on the front running from the top of the opening to the stack. Obviously want to avoid any further issues.

    Any comments are appreciated.

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    Re: Curing questions.

    When the oven is wet or new there will be a huge difference in the temp at the crown of the dome and the base or floor during fire up. This temp difference leads to different expansion of the refractory in those places and therefore more potential for cracking.Follow the manufacturers directions and if you are unsure of where the temperature should be read, contact them.
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      Re: Curing questions.

      I have been curing my new Primavera 60 for 3 days. I'm on the 4th. First of all, let me say it's been very difficult to keep the fire low enough - especially on the first couple. I definitely had spikes as a log would catch fire when I added more fuel etc.

      I tried to keep it in the range though. I'm on Day 4 - focusing on the 400-450 mark. I have some decent wood - coals and will let the fire die down and keep checking the temps before re-adding wood. I've even spread the coals around to the edges of the walls to spread the heat around a bit - so it's not all in the center of the oven - concentrating the heat at the peak only.

      I have been using the FB Infrared Thermometer and checking temps on the side walls (Left, Right and Back) and the dome and floor. The dome is always hotter. So, I sort of average them in my head and when the dome comes down at or below the target range, I'll add a piece of wood.

      I don't see any cracks, but this is definitely stressing me out!!

      I've had some time off, and have been able to burn the fires for a long time (8Am - 9Pm) or so each day.

      It has been fun and the smell of the burning oak I bought is driving me crazy! I did throw a few cut up potatoes seasoned with salt/pepper/and some oregano and other seasoning with butter and a little oil into the oven as it was hovering around 400 yesterday. An hour later I pulled them and added them to the dinner selection.

      Why waste the heat?!