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Oven Heat Retention

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  • Oven Heat Retention

    I went through the curing process on my Premio 120 over the last weekend. It was quite tricky in the first couple of days to keep it in the 300F range, it tend to drift higher to 350F-400F (which is supposed to be bad). But in the end I only saw a couple of horizontal hairline cracks on the mortar, so I hope it's OK.

    I got curious about how long the oven will hold its temperature, so on the last day of curing, I layered on the insulation and closed the door. At that time (monday night) it was at 450F.

    I continued to take oven readings and basically for the first 48 hours the oven stayed above 400F, this is without adding ANY wood. Then on the third day it finally dropped to 300F. Every time I checked, I also took a laser reading of the floor and they agree.

    The heat retention is pretty amazing, at 400F it can be useful for all sorts of cooking needs. So my question is, do you guys/gals think it's possible to keep the oven hot all of the time, maybe throw in a log or two every 2-3 days?

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    Re: Oven Heat Retention

    Sure, why not? In practice, keeping your oven at a consistent temperature avoids normal wear and tear associated with thermal cycling. That, plus you always have a cooking vessel ready to go. If wood was free, or really inexpensive, I would keep my oven hot like you suggest, especially in the summer when its too hot to cook inside.