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Putting Out the Fire

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  • Putting Out the Fire

    So, once you build your fire and have it going, and you are done cooking etc, what do you do to put the fire in the oven out? Even with wood, there are some hot ashes in the back of the oven and I am just trying to figure our if you let them sit there and burn out, or if you do something to help the hot ashes burn out (so they don't blow out of the oven and set your house on fire )

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    Re: Putting Out the Fire

    You can just let them sit in there and burn down to ash dust. They will help your oven maintain temperature for roasts and such if you ever think of doing those. Highly, highly unlikely that you will ever have and ash blow out to start your house on fire. I have fired mine overnight many times to bake in the early hours of the morning and have never had the slightest worry/
    Hope this helps!
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      Re: Putting Out the Fire

      My Old oven was near my very dry old wooden garage (about 2') and I had the same concern.

      What I did was fabricate a door out of expanded metal that let the fire burn but did not allow anything to escape. the same basic concept as a fireplace screen. if you already have a fireproof door you can just lean it to the top as to create a space at the bottom and the coals will burn down to ash. Or you can just put the door in place and it will extinguish them eventually from lack of oxygen.


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        Re: Putting Out the Fire

        I haven't built a door yet, but I used to stack bricks in the doorway to keep coals from blowing out and onto flammable objects.

        Now, I shovel the coals into my weber kettle and shut the lid. The next day, I have a nice pile of lump charcoal for grilling later.
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          Re: Putting Out the Fire

          Thanks, guys!