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using gelled fire starter

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  • using gelled fire starter

    Do you reccomend using the gelled fire starter or safelite fire starter they are little squares wood chips or fatwood firestarter they are 8in in length or does it matter I'm worried about putting something toxic in the oven. Also what is the max size wood I should put in my casa 90 I use very lg size wood in my fireplace about 24 in long and 16 to 20 in diam. I was going to cut up the pallet my casa 90 came on and use that for my curing fires. Thanks for the help everyone

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    Re: using gelled fire starter

    I use Weber Firestarters. Non-toxic, odorless, smokeless lighter cubes for easy fire starting in your wood-burning oven. Just place 1-2 on oven floor with kindling and strike with match! Box - 24 cubes.

    Wood needs to be sunstantially smaller than what you are using in your fireplace. I use a max length of 18 inches and approx 2 to 3 inches in diameter. I have a 43 inch circumference cooking fllor.


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      Re: using gelled fire starter

      I have been known to use pieces up to 24" in length with out problems in my Casa110. However, I prefer to stay with the 18" long pieces like Richard.

      And isn't burning a great way to get rid of the pallet.

      J W