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    Has anyone used grape vine "knuckles" for firewood? I got access to some, and have heard it is comparable to other fruit tree fuel. Any comments or suggestions?

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    The most cost efficient fuel for anyone's area is always the best. Oak happens to be that for me. However, I do have a lot of the invasive wild vullis, muscadine, and scuppernong vines which grow at the woodslines and on the fence rows of my property. Similar to your pic, I have used the woody part of the vine in very mall amounts for smoking. For a fuel, I imagine that the same rules apply as does to all other types of stove wood. Let it dry and let us know how it does. Hopefully, some of our wine country folks will respond.
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      Thanks Gulf. I'd like to hear what other local wine country peeps think. I have a friend who uses them in his oven, but mostly for smoking. I'm wondering how it works for fuel. I won't know for a few months while it seasons.