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    How long does it take to heat a Alan Scott woodfire oven ?

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    There are not many AS ovens on this site but that said, there are too many variables to give you a heating time number, ie what temp, how big is the oven, what are you cooking, what type of insulation,etc etc.(but my guess, at least several hours) An AS oven is from the old school period and there have been many improvements and innovations. You should buy the e-plan from FornoBravo, it is only a couple dollars and it contains a lot of great core information regarding WFO(s). Read it thoroughly before you make any decisions on what type of oven.
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      Steve, do you have a Scott barrel oven, or are you planning on building one? If you have one you might be able to find some firing information in his book "The bread builders". I have a copy at home, but can't remember if times are discussed or not. If you don't have an oven but want to build one I'd recommend following Russell's advice above. The Scott ovens are very high thermal mass and depending on what you want to bake/cook may not be the best choice.
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