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Concern with pests and cockroaches on wood

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  • Gulf
    Since it was left out in the elements, you may have to keep the wood covered with plenty of ventilation on the sides until it is dry. Hopefully, it wasn't out there too long. Fire will sanitize all your worries imo.

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  • mtm2552
    started a topic Concern with pests and cockroaches on wood

    Concern with pests and cockroaches on wood

    I recently bought a cord of wood. It's natural oak which is well seasoned, sat out in the elementa where it was stored until delivery the other day. When I've been stacking and organizing the wood I've noticed quite a few roaches and bird droppings . Is this something I should be concerned about when it comes to food borne illness and sanitation or does the heat of the oven fix this issue? I have a Clememti wood fired oven, not a Forno Bravo . I cook around 730 for pizzas and lower for everything else . Salmonella dies at 150 , are there any other possible issues. Thanks in advance.