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Getting moisture out the dome

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  • Getting moisture out the dome

    Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the idea of using a leaf blower to dry out the dome quicker? I was cleaning my work area with a leaf blower and thought I'd use it to blow the dust out of the dome. I positioned it on one side of the door to create a vortex and blow air and dust out the other side. Then I noticed that some of the mortar I had just placed was turning grey and quickly drying. I stopped since I didn't want my mortar to dry too quickly but thought this may be an effective way to pull moisture out? I'm no engineer but does anyone have any insight as to if this method of creating a vortex in the dome would help pull moisture out sooner?



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    I think you need some heat as you don't really dry it so much from the inside - you need the heat to push the moisture out of the dome. I used a space heater in mine and that was pretty effective prior to firing it up.
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      Yes, good point. A space heater would provide heat and air movement!