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Achieving 700 degrees F.

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  • Achieving 700 degrees F.

    I am in the process of curing our newly installed Tuscan oven located on our porch. I have maintained fires of up to 5 pieces of oak and ash wood @ 4" by 16" for up to 3 hours but have not been able to get above 500 degrees measured by a laser oven thermometer aimed at one wall. I have a 15 ' chimney. The oven draws well. Should I simply build a bigger fire for a longer period or is there another issue?

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    Re: Achieving 700 degrees F.

    I have moved this to Oven Management -- seems just right.

    It is very typical for a new oven to not come up to heat with the initial fires -- as you are baking out all the retained water.

    Take your time and try to follow our curing schedule (attached). Don't push it, or you will convert the retained water to steam, which can cause cracks and compromise how long your oven, or mortars, will last.

    Keep going and let us know how it goes.

    Do you have any photos?
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