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No open fires in British Columbia

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  • No open fires in British Columbia

    Yesterday I had a forest official stop by and give me a ticket for running a fire in my Pompei style oven. I have a steel vent structure and insulated chimney with spark guard screen in top, however that is not good enough I guess. I paid for the ticket by selling the guy 6 loaves of fresh bread. Anyway, today I used a propane 'tiger torch' to heat things up. Believe you me, that beast gets hot, but, after 2 hrs the dome and floor temperature never got over 800 deg. There just is not the 'oomph' with propane compared to wood for heating the brick right through. I suppose if I left it running for another hour or two things might have gotten to temp. at the cost of a 100lb propane fill.

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    Re: No open fires in British Columbia


    I think that a polite phone call to the District Forest Manager or Ranger (whatever his title is) requesting information as to what constitutes an "open fire" (or whatever wording they used for the infraction you made) would be appropriate. Certainly there is some sort of definition(s) they use to determine just what is and what is not acceptable. Open camp fires are one thing, Coleman type stoves another and your WFO certainly doesn't fall easily into either category.

    You probably got off lightly, however, the problem with paying off a local enforcement person is the precedent it sets.

    I think if the local magistrate understands what you are doing you might get a ruling in your favor (perhaps even setting up an onsite evaluation so that they can have full information with which to make an informed decision on your operation might be worthwhile). And if they say that what you are doing is OK then a request to have that in writing would not be out of line, seeing as how the local enforcement officer seems to hold a different opinion (unless he is present during the onsite evaluation).

    Dealing with enforcement people is often simply a matter of being polite, keeping ones temper and willingness to speak to the next higher up in the chain of command. All of which it sounds like what you have been doing.

    Good Luck,


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      Re: No open fires in British Columbia

      No fires at all? Not in woodstoves? In fireplaces? In smokers? There must be a way around this...
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        Re: No open fires in British Columbia

        That is odd - what about a charcoal fired weber. If that's against the rules - move!
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          Re: No open fires in British Columbia

          Actually folks, we are in the middle of an extreme fire danger zone here in BC. Even on the coast there are in some places, no charcoal fires allowed. I can understand the reluctance to see open flame outside, as I am a retired wildland firefighter. I have a water hose handy at all times. Sparks do sometimes escape under the vent, and the last thing I need it a multi zillion $$$ bill for a project fire that started on my property. Also, I sold the bread to the guy, figured he might as well pay for the ticket if he wanted to be like that.. The original post was just a reflection on the use of alternate fuels for heating the WFO. Actually got 24 loaves baked today, so I really can't complain.