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Refractory Brick, Different Types???

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  • Refractory Brick, Different Types???

    Hi there and this is my first post and I am a newbie so please excuse my lack of knowledge on many things here.
    OK so I made my own pizza contraption out of steel and high temperature insulation. Here's my problem. Prior to this contraption I was making pizzas out of my home oven and used a 3/4" piece of granite as my Pizza stone at 550 F degrees. They actually come out really good but heated up the kitchen too much and took a little longer. So then I tried purchasing yellow refractory 2" thick bricks and used them for my stone. I preheated home oven for at least 4 hours and it never got hot enough to brown crust.
    So I then loaded up contraption floor with the 2" refractory bricks and got the oven up to 800 for a few hours and still same thing. I then replaced the bricks with granite and it works excellent but the granite cracks in spots due to the high heat. What I am wondering is should I use 1" thick refactory bricks or are there different types of refractory bricks that get hotter than others?
    Thanks in advance and any info is very much appreciated!

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    Re: Refractory Brick, Different Types???

    someone please?


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      Re: Refractory Brick, Different Types???

      refractory brick, or fire brick comes in different duty ratings. Medium duty is what is recommended for the pompeii oven. It sounds like maybe you have either a high duty brick or an insulating brick...check out this link for good explanation:
      Brick Oven Design | Choose the Right Brick Oven Brick


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        Re: Refractory Brick, Different Types???

        thank you so much!


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          Different refractory bricks in various sizes and shapes are currently accessible for assorted applications. The commonplace stubborn materials incorporate fireclay refractories, high alumina refractories, silica bricks, Magnesite refractories, Chromite refractories, Zirconia refractories, Insulating materials and Monolithic recalcitrant. Contingent upon temperatures and administration states of the applications, for example, boilers, heaters, furnaces, broilers and so on, various sorts of refractories are utilized.