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  • Infrared Thermometer

    Is there any advantage to having a IR gun that measures temp higher than 900 degrees. Am looking at two one that goes to 932 and the other to over 1800.

    Any value? do ovens get that much hotter than 900?

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    I bought one for about $60 that goes just over 1000 (I've only ever exceeded the range when pointing right at the fire), I do reach temps over 900 but really you probably are interested in hearth and lower dome temps primarily. And I think for pizza the only temp that matters is the hearth temp (probably only important as you are learning your oven's character), for retained heat the temp is not this high anyhow. The lower dome temps are useful to look at but when you are sustained over 900 the dome whitens, and although you can see the temp rise before this your oven likely is not ready until the whole dome whitens.

    Bottom line, a lower range thermometer should be fine. I suggest if you have been looking at cooking thermometers you go look at the automotive and heating and A/C supply websites as these thermometers don't carry the same premium and do the job just fine, usually also more temperature range options so you might find one that suits you just fine.


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      A while back, I was convinced that I had done enough cooking, and I could manage by oven strictly by feel. But then I've had an infrared thermometer (the one Forno Bravo sells goes to 932F) around for the past year, and I have to admit that I'm always using it.

      I can still put by hand in the oven and do a pretty good job of estimating the oven temperature and can cook pizza by feel, but there is something really easy about pointing and shooting into the oven and getting an accurate temp. You can be talking with someone at a party (or not exactly at your best after a couple of glasses of wine) and just "pop" the oven to know what's going on.

      So even if you think you don't want one, or wouldn't use it -- you might. I even take mine into restaurants. Isn't that terrible.

      I find that the dome always goes above 1000F when you are firing. The thermometer says "HI". But it comes back down for cooking, so 932F is agood temperature.
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