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Door closes off chimney

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  • Door closes off chimney

    What a dumb thing to ask. If I close the door to the oven it closes off the chimney.

    To cook then, won't the coals go out and then I would be smoking the stuff? I have looked everywhere for this answer.

    I built my oven from the directions on this site.

    I have chicken in there now but with the door cracked a half inch for air to keep coals going. Well, that is my assumption anyhow.


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    Re: Door closes off chimney

    Usually, if you're cooking with stored heat the coals will be cleared out and door closed.
    If you want to cook with live coals/fire you will need to not use the door at all or regulate air flow by placing the door partially open.

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      Re: Door closes off chimney

      Here's the page you're looking for:

      Pizza Oven Management | How Wood-Fired Ovens Work

      George has it right: if there's a fire in the oven, you pretty much keep the door off.
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        Re: Door closes off chimney

        Thank you both very much for your help. I suspect that my oven is not getting hot enough and not holding the heat for very long. It has only been fired 5 times or so.

        I really do need to cook more and get on this forum more.

        Much obliged,