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What kind of termometer do you use?

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  • What kind of termometer do you use?

    I know temperature is a huge factor while cooking. I've read about the different temperature ratings. My problem is how do you tell what temperature your oven is at to cook a pizza quickly and properly.

    When you have the hot coals going the top of oven white and ready to cook.

    1. What kind of thermometer do you use to check the temp?

    2. After you move coals to the side. Do you put wood on coals so there is a flame in the oven?

    Not a huge flame though just some fire going. The temp in the oven seems to drop rapidly. It takes over 10 minutes to cook the pizza. It sound not take that long.

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    Re: What kind of termometer do you use?


    There are several threads on this topic here, so you might do a search. Most people use a point and shoot infrared thermometer to gauge the temp of the floor. As a start point, you should be looking for a floor temp of at least 750 F (later, you should be looking at 850 F, once you've had some practice). Make sure any therm you buy will go that high. Others, me included, use thermocouples imbedded in various parts of the oven to monitor temps. You should be working toward a pizza that cooks completely in a minute and a half to two minutes.

    Download the free pizza making ebook from the main Forno Bravo site (general cooking and BREAD book too). In the pizza book, you'll find pics of what your fire in the oven fire should look like. Push coals to one side or the other, toss on a few sticks to get flame licking to the apex of the dome.

    You're way over time at ten minutes. Don't forget, you want a right frightening heating fire, then a bright fire with flame for pizzas.

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      Re: What kind of termometer do you use?

      Thanks for the info. I will be looking.

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        Re: What kind of termometer do you use?

        Stay away from the NEIKO Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer.
        I had the BFO running for Halloween party and the pizzas were burning up. The NEIKO assured me the deck was sitting pretty @ 850F. So, of course, I was doubting myself and the formulation. A buddy showed up with a Raytek Raynger MX2. Well, it showed the deck was actually 1050F and the ceiling was over 1300F. Talk about a house fire. Once it cooled down, everything was perfect.

        For Sale: One NEIKO Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer. Accuracy +/- 200F.


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          Re: What kind of thermometer do you use?

          Pizza police,
          Where did you buy the Neiko Infrared Non-contact Thermometer? That way I will avoid buying it?

          Where did your buddy buy the Raytex Raynger MX2?

          thanks for the Information.
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            Re: What kind of termometer do you use?


            Like most things, including my oven, I found it on the internet. $40 - $60 bucks.

            The Raynger was liberated briefly overnight from a local steel mill. About $1100 bucks.

            As far as Michigan, I can throw a rock and hit the South/Western part of it, I'm so close.