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New oven ready for the turkey

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  • New oven ready for the turkey

    I had my first meal out of the oven that so many of you helped me build last night. It was a sacrificial 4lb chicken that was expendable if needed. I have a thermocouple in the floor more towards the back right about halfway in the brick and the other halfway in the brick in the one of the bricks in the last full course up top. I burned what I would call a larger fire starting with hardwood mill ends and added a split piece of alder after that was rolling. I pushed the fire to the back and raked out the coals when the floor was 515F and the dome was 475F. The chicken roasted nicely in about 50 minutes. I put the door on during and after and now 18 hours later the dome measures 350F and the floor 315F. It was probably 45F outdoor temp all night. I only have one 25' x 24" x 1" kaowool #8 on the 42ID dome with 4-5" percrete underneath. I haven't tried to get it up to pizza temps yet but does it seem like I need to add more insulation? I was going to do the cement board structure then fill it with perlite but I like the idea of stucco and done. Any ideas?

    I will be posting a longer thread with my successes and follies in the pompei section soon.

    Thanks again everyone,
    antibacterial soap...just say no!