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door with intake and exhaust ports?

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  • door with intake and exhaust ports?

    Wondering how an oven door would work if it had intake and exhaust ports built into it. Was thinking it could have maybee a peep hole with high heat glass in the center of door and the bottom fresh air vent could be used to shine a light into the oven from the outside. Not sure how practical this would be but thought such a door might help hold the heat in oven and could be used with small fires still in the burning stage. I have not lit the first fire in my oven as yet but starting to plan my door. Was thinking 2 inches of the vermiculite concrete with a steel outer frame. The cutouts I show in the attachment here would just kind of slide in and out of place as needed.
    What do the experienced oven users think of this kind of a door,is it worth trying?
    see below for my oven album of progress to date


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    Re: door with intake and exhaust ports?


    Have a look in the Photo Gallery for pics of the blacksmith made door I use on my oven. You'll find them under Vent & Chimney. The approach is similar, although for exhaust purposes it merely leans from the base of the oven door to the outside edge of the vent.

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