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Too hot?

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  • Too hot?

    I didn't think it was possible to get my Artigiano to be TOO hot... I started my fire about an hour earlier than normal, about 1:30 for a 5 PM pizza start (instead of 2:30).

    When I pushed my fire aside, the floor was 900+!!! The oven dome was over 1000F based on my infrared thermometer.

    The pizzas cooked VERY fast, of course, The first one was almost too burnt on the bottom and hadn't cooked through in the middle. Even as the night went on, my crusts were all pretty browned on top/edges and pretty scorched on the bottom... no complaints from my guests, even after asking if they were overdone, everyone said how much flavor there was... so I guess it wasn't too much....

    Anyone else ever wonder if they've gone too hot on their fire?
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    Re: Too hot?

    Yeah...hard to believe it but we have gotten ours too hot...can mop the floor of the oven with a damp mop a few times to take away some of the scorch...
    We had no complaints either!
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      Re: Too hot?

      I can't imagine the dough in the center didn't cook well with an oven that hot. Either you have way too many toppings on the pizza for that temp, your dough is too thick, or your temp readings are wrong.

      Are you taking your readings off the floor? That is where you want the temps to be 750 -800 plus. The dome is always hotter.
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        Re: Too hot?

        l learned the hard way.......stuffing the oven with the same amout of Citrus that I had been usung oak and hickory.bib mistake, the citurs burns sooo much hotter. at its peak the dome had a temp of around 1400 degrees, hearth 1100+degrees, it took a hour to cool down to pizza temps


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          Re: Too hot?

          1100 - 1400 degrees? sounds like you were about ready to fire some bricks for the next build.
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