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The use of BELLOWS.

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  • The use of BELLOWS.

    My bellows that I have is getting pretty banged up and weathered. It is a cheap one, that is for sure. I have been looking at bellows on amazon, eBay , wayfarer and Etsy.

    I hafta say, that I am thinking of getting several bellows. A cheaper one for the workhorse type of thing (for the day to day making of a fire) and then I am seriously thinking of getting into "collecting" antique bellows. This would be a neat hobby, .. and not -that -expensive hobby at that. I could just see having about four or five of them hanging on my wooden beam on my porch as a conversation piece.
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    It seems that I recall that Gulf uses a bellows to clear ash off the floor as well.
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      yes, .. bellows works great on clearing the firebrick floor just prior to placing pizzas. Using a damp mini mop is helpful as well but one can count on it not lasting too long. On amazon there is a a set of two mini- mops (that are actually meant for basting ribs or a brisket etc). But I think I am going to get a blow type of bellows as well.
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        A length of pipe is far simpler, but just remember to blow not suck.
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          I added a length of tubing to a cheap set of bellows that I have used for about five years. I have some shortness of breath issues, so the bellows is a good option for me. Aside from looking cool by any oven or fireplace, the design of a bellows takes the worry out of remembering either to "blow" or "suck" .
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