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  • Next day temperature WFO

    Apologies if answer for this is already on another thread.
    My WFO temperature in the morning is around 160C
    I would love to cook bread the next morning.
    I suspect I did not use enough insulation on floor as the dome is v well insulated with few inches fire blanket and vermiculite.
    I had hoped to have around 200C in morning to cook loaf.
    Any tips on “topping” up oven in morning to get to 200-220c or on retrofit floor insulation.

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    You don't say how old your oven is, but most builders report that their oven efficiency keeps on improving many weeks after finishing the build. The underfloor insulation is the last and most difficult to dry. Some drain holes in the supporting slab help to allow moisture to escape. Also an insulated door helps retain heat after a decent cook up if you want to use the oven the next day. Other than that a small fir to boost up the temperature in the morning is no big deal.
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      A little bit of data on my oven. Floor temp was kept at 625* for approximately 3 hours while cooking. After the flame went out at 9:45pm, I closed the damper and fit my insulated door. This morning at 6:45am I checked the floor temp and it was 400*. 9 hours and an average loss per hour of 25*.
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