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  • Thermometer

    Hello, longtime member but not posted in a while. Built an oven from FB plans last summer. I am now building the exterior door. I need a thermometer with a 6" stem that reads to 800-1000 degrees to reach through my insulated door. After 6 hrs. scouring the internet I give up. Can anyone please direct me to such an animal ???
    Thank you very much

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    I looked for thermometers when I built my door but decided not to use one based on comments by other users that either had or didn't have them in their doors. I would suggest looking over the show us your door thread (linked below) both to see what others said about door thermometers and for design ideas. If you do want to put one in you might want to check out They sell many different thermometers and if you make an account you can look at drawings etc to see what fits your needs. They also list recommended protrusion into the heated chamber so you can pick the right length. If you do decide to use one you probably want one that goes down lower than 800F as you will most likely do most of your cooking between 250 and 550F
    My build thread