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  • Oven Door Design

    The draft door is similar to your Weber? grill where you choke down the fire but not snuff it out. It reduces the inlet size to a hole about 80% your door width and about 2 to 3 inches in height. You still need to vent the burnt gases so it is tilted into the flue. Thus it helps if your "tunnel" to the oven proper was built square. Don't worry if it is not as this is not a "snug" fit. I don't remember if CanuckJim's had a handle on it - I don?t think it did as I remember it clanging down to the ground and a sharp warning that it was Hot - yeah you could see the tempering that it underwent. It could be fit with a handle but you would need to isolate it, as best as possible, from the surrounding metal.

    Attached are a few drawings of what was fabricated.

    The following is from another thread from CanuckJim but is salient to this thread,

    My draft door used to have a very handsome handle, and a wooden backing, but I neglected to isolate them properly, and they were incinerated. These things get HOT. For the metal, I went to Home Depot and got a small sheet of galvanized roofing metal, cut it and bent it to size. JE's right, it doesn't have to be a snug fit, just enough blockage to control the draft. My draft door has a lower opening of and inch and a half. Other ovens might require more. It would be an idea to make the door out of a single sheet, then add bent, adjustable legs so the vent size can be varied until the proper opening is determined.

    In place, the draft door makes my chimney huff like the proverbial locomotive on steroids. The heat of the fire is drastically increased and burn times are shortened. The draft door is particularly useful in winter, when quick, high heat is required.

    Nice drawings, JE, and suitable commentary. Do NOT give up your day job !

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    Re: Oven Door Design

    thanks for the idea and attached drawing.
    Who Dat?

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    If you feel lost with building your WFO, just pray to St. Stephen who is the patron saint of bricklayers.