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Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

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  • Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

    hey everyone, i could use some help trying to figure out why i can't get my oven hot and keep it hot.
    Here's some of the back story, I bought a mobile wood fire oven from a couple guys that used it for a few years before they opened a store front. When i bought it from them we did a trial to see how it fired. The air temp was about 75 degrees, the oven took about 2 hours to get up to temp. We didn't have a infrared temp gun but the ceiling got white and the pizzas were cooking in 90 seconds, two minutes max. They cooked and looked great!
    I brought the oven up to the northeast and on the way up the oven floor cracked in a few pieces so i decided to replace it. Originally the floor had 4 1/2 inch to 3/4inch tiles. After posting some questions and getting some feed back from you guys i went with 4x8x1 1/2 firebricks.
    Since doing the floor over i fired it up and have not yet be able to get it hot enough to cook a pizza in under 3 minutes. Last night i had a blazing fire, loaded with wood and hot coals. I temped it with the gun and got 500 on the floor and 850 on the ceiling maybe 950 at its high point. The outside air temp was mid 40's so about 30 degrees cooler then when i tested it out.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what factor made such a change in not being able to get the oven up to temp? is it the new floor, outside air temp?

    Below i attached a link to manufactures website
    cart features

    Any ideas or help that you guys could give would be appreciated, i gotta get this oven working spot on by next month for the new business.



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    Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

    Hi Jason,

    My first thought, is your wood dry and seasoned ? I cooked the other night with wood that wasnt totally seasoned and I had a hard time keeping my temp good. I normally dont have any problems..


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      Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

      thanks for the reply
      I got the wood from a friend who said it was split about a year and a half ago. It seemed dry but not all the bark on the wood was easy to peel off. I'm actually in the search for some kiln dried so i can see what the differences would be.


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        Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

        Hi CHef,
        A year and a half should be fine.. Usually your wood should also be split down to about the size of your wrist.. Is there any other changes besides the floor that would make a change in the oven, You may also have to have a few more fires, The oven may have collected some moisture from sitting for a while.. Let us know how it works out with the hardwoods...
        Good Luck


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          Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp


          When you build an oven new, it takes a good dozen fires (the big fires, after the curing schedule fires) or so to get the oven to the point where it functions consistently and well. There is probably a solid explanation why, but I just chalk it up to the moisture that is inherent in the masonry products. Until the brick is fully dry, or cured, or what ever the correct terminology is, the brick just won't come to temperature and hold the heat.

          I would suggest you fire the oven to cooking temperatures every day for a few days, and then pass judgment on the new floor, - give the new brick a chance to 'fully cure'.

          Keep us posted on your result!



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            Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

            Hey Guys, took your advice as well as the guys who i bought it from. Everyone seemed to agree on moisture being the culprit. The oven did sit for about 4 months without use up here in the northeast so i'm sure between the natural moisture and moisture of the new brick was doing it.

            Anyway today started a nice big fire and got it roaring for about 3.5 hours and threw a couple pizzas in. Guess what?! they cooked and cooked quick 90second to two minutes. Temped the floor and ceiling throughout the whole time and i was holding steady at 750 on the floor and 950+ on top. Then i just fed it wood for another 6 hours. Tomorrow and Wednesday i'm going to do the same and get that oven cooking right.

            Thanks for the help guys


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              Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

              Hi Chef,

              Glad it worked out for you, Next time I'm on the cape I will stop by for pizza



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                Re: Help with getting and maintaining oven temp

                Instead of searching for kiln dried wood, you might try making your own.

                After firing your oven, wait a day or two, and throw enough wood in the your oven for your next firing.

                Just make sure it's not to hot when you do.

                Trust me, you will end up with some dry wood!
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