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Favorite Pizza Toppings

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  • Favorite Pizza Toppings

    A few weeks ago I had a wood fired pizza it was very nice, no tomato or mozzarella, just Prosciutto lightly stewed Pear and Gorgonzola.

    Do you have a favorite topping?

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    Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

    I haven't built my oven yet, but have been making homemade pizza for years. (after reading the wood fired manual I realized I have a lot to learn).

    Anyway our family favorite is our "Seafood Pizza" - made one tonight:

    Homemade Pesto sauce
    Shrimp and imitation crab meat
    Red onions
    Fresh garlic slices
    MozzaCheese and sometime a little Asiago


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      Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

      My 3 faves:

      Provolone and Pancetta.

      Smoked Mozz and funghi.

      Apple, gorgonzola, and walnut with pesto sauce.


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        Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

        Diced tomatoes, Mozzeralla, fresh basil. The original is almost always the best.


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          Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

          Although I love most anything on pizza; from shrooms to peppers to goat cheese to any pork, beef, or veal product, onions, or a simple drizzle of EVO with a little garlic and "spice concoction".
          I have to side with CS. There is just something special about good fresh tomatoes (San Marzano), fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves I just snipped out back, heck you can't beat those 3 items just on a plate with a good balsamic. MMMMMMMMMMM


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            Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

            My current favourite is:
            tomato sauce on first, then Anchovy fillets, capsicum & mozarella

            Cheese Kransky is nice instead of anchovies

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              Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

              no red sauce, olive oil instead. layer the rest in order...

              parmesean, basil, garlic powder, mozzarella, sautee'd red onion, roasted red pepper, more mozzarella
              Steve Kennemer
              Austin, TX


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                Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                I'm with CS! Tomato. cheese, basil. Ohmygod! I gotta go order a pizza 'till my oven cures!
                View my pictures at, Picasaweb.google.com/xharleyguy


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                  Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                  Its so hard to stop at a few. I make my own garlic powder (see my profile) so I always load it up with garlic.

                  I also like onions, 'shrooms and peperoni.

                  Life is too short to drink cheap beer


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                    Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                    doesn't matter the topping if it is not prepared properly. raw mushrooms and bell peppers on the pizza is quick and unsavory . like onions . like some cheese require different baking temperature .
                    just because it is a favorite topping , does not mean it will taste well on any pizza. i can present the most tasty toppings and make the worst pizza .


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                      Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                      my favorite has been the same for a while now, and simple: olive oil, diced tomatoes, basil and prosciutto. a little mozz on there is good, but not even necessary.


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                        Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                        I think this is where we need to be once our ovens are up and going, toppings on a 90 second pizza should be simple put tasty, as posted some topping don't have time to cook.
                        I found roasted tomato a lite sprinkle of soft cheese fresh garlic and roasted eggplant a great combo.
                        So what is your great combination, some one must hiding a great secret, lets hear it.


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                          Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                          I find the traditional margharita (sp?) toppings dashed with olive oil after it is cooked is the best, but I am not too happy with the amount of water from the tomatoes after the pie is cooked. What is a fix for this?


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                            Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                            I deseed, rinse and pat dry then chop, or for slices I make them as thin as possible and pat dry. Speaking of that, I have started brining all of my fresh vegetables for a couple of hours and that really helps. I do not like excess moisture on my pies (or grease, but that is a different issue).


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                              Re: Favorite Pizza Toppings

                              I use canned San Marzanos, run them through the medium blade on my food mill, then through a fine strainer twice. Gets nearly all the water out. The downside - you see just how much water (waste) there is. Each can probably only generates 50% of its original volume.