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Good News, Bad News

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  • Good News, Bad News

    The Good - No frost heave this winter. The dome is still strong and perfectly together. No major cracks and its ready to be fired.

    The Bad - My entire stucco job on the outside block walls totally came off due to moisture. Take a look:

    I chipped the perlcrete back to the dome to reveal the hearth slab and chipped off the remaining stucco on the walls. I am thinking the horizontal surface caught the water and funneled it down the perlcrete layer, then went between the stucco.

    I am thinking of building up the flat areas and sloping away from the hearth perlcrete based.

    Looking for any insight into sealing the block walls. What can I put on these walls so I know it won't come off?

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    Re: Good News, Bad News

    What kind of stucco did you use?

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      Re: Good News, Bad News

      It was mixed at home. Looking back I probably didn't put enough sand in the mix. I used the 1/2 portland 1/2 lime masonry mortar and sand. I used acrylic additive and reinforced mortar for the dome and it weathered pretty well. Would it help to put something onto the block for the mortar to stick to something?
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        Re: Good News, Bad News

        i'd take an angle grinder with a diamond blade and cut some horizontal grooves into the slab.
        The grooves will give something the stucco to bite into.